Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Prayer Child Benefit Walk

Many children, by no fault of their own, are in need of help each and every day. Many of the children and their parents pray daily for a healthier life. The mission of the Prayer Child Foundation is to have a hand in answering their prayers and helping these children to have the joys of a normal childhood. The Foundation seeks to provide this assistance to living children that are eighteen years old and younger with physical and emotional challenges. The Foundation provides support to national children’s charities, individuals and organizations located within our supporters’ local communities. The Foundation provides opportunities for individuals, companies, and other groups to empower themselves by giving, getting involved with other like minded individuals and being compassionate to those less fortunate.

I'm so glad I was able to raise money for this great foundation. If you would like to help too please visit their website at

Track and Field Day

Evan asked me the day before to go out and buy him some FAST shoes. LOL!
His team came in First Place!

Evan's Best Buddies